The Hippocratic Foundation was founded on the understanding that the health of our communities is inextricably tied to the well-being of our physicians. Even prior to outbreak of COVID-19, the United States faced a severe and sharply growing shortage of these essential public servants. Thousands of our communities are underserved, lacking adequate access to physicians and quality medical care. The growing physical, economic, and societal consequences of this deficiency will be exponentially worsened by the direct toll on medical workers  inflicted by this outbreak.

Growing the pool of available physicians is profoundly difficult under the best of circumstances. The average new physician requires 12 to 17 years of intensely focused training, which is incredibly costly, both to themselves and taxpayers. These Navy SEALs of our healthcare system must be cultivated, protected, and retained, both those in practice and those still in training. Our non-profit is dedicated to achieving these goals through four key initiatives:

  1. Frontline Physicians Fund™
  2. Essential Legal Documents For High-risk Physicians Program
  3. The Wounded Healers Project™
  4. Educational & Counseling Services