Hippocratic Foundation
Physicians work tirelessly to protect us all, so it is the Hippocratic Foundation’s mission to protect physicians.

The Hippocratic Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing frontline physicians with free personal protective gear (PPE), complimentary wills and advanced healthcare directives, and no-cost wellness and counseling services.

Number of physicians who have received free N95 masks and/or free wills from Hippocratic Foundation


About The Hippocratic Foundation
The Hippocratic Foundation was founded on the understanding that the health of our communities is inextricably tied to the well-being of our physicians. Even prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, the United States faced a severe and sharply growing shortage of these essential public servants.

Thousands of our communities are underserved, lacking adequate access to physicians and quality medical care. The growing physical, economic, and societal consequences of this deficiency will be exponentially worsened by the direct toll in both death and injury that COVID-19 is inflicting on frontline medical workers.
Growing the pool of available physicians is profoundly difficult under the best of circumstances. The average new physician requires 12 to 17 years of intensely focused training, which is incredibly costly, both to themselves and taxpayers.

These Navy SEALs of our healthcare system must be cultivated, protected, and retained, both those in practice and those still in training. Our non-profit is dedicated to achieving these goals through four key initiatives:

  • Frontline Physicians Fund™
  • Essential Legal Documents For High-Risk Physicians Program
  • The Wounded Healers Project™
  • Educational & Counseling Services

The Four Key Initiatives of the Hippocratic Foundation

Frontline Physicians Fund™

We source N95 masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) so we can directly distribute it to frontline physicians lacking this vital equipment. Due to an overwhelming surge in demand for these products because of the pandemic, these lifesaving supplies are often difficult to obtain, if not completely unavailable.

Other times, it is available, but physicians don’t have sufficiently prioritized access to it due to bureaucratic shortcomings. This leaves physicians exposed to highly infectious contagions, potentially sickening or killing them — or even their loved ones when they return from a shift on the frontlines. By working directly with verified suppliers, we can quickly obtain high-quality PPE and distribute it directly to physicians all over the country.

To receive Free N95 Masks & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), please click below.
Essential Legal Documents For High-Risk Physicians Program

When physicians are consistently putting themselves in perilous situations, it is critical that we help them to protect their families should the worst happen. Unfortunately, given the intense, all-consuming nature of their training and work caring for their patients, most physicians don’t practice that same level of self-care.

Many don’t have even the basic protective documents needed. We provide complimentary access to an estate planning attorney to create these vital documents free of charge — including basic wills, advance directives, and medical power of attorney.

To receive Free Will & Advanced Healthcare Directives (AHCD), please click below.
The Wounded Healers Project™

When physicians become patients, who will help care for them? We will. The Wounded Healer Project™ raises funds for physicians who have become sick or are injured in the line of duty, helping cover insurmountable medical bills and supporting their families during a time of crisis.
Educational & Counseling Services

Hippocratic Foundation provides young physicians free access to educational lectures and direct counselling on the non-medical topics that most directly contribute to physician burnout.
Testimonials from Doctors
Harbor UCLA
“Oh wow! Thank you so much for the masks!
Having our own stash at work helps the day go a bit faster and definitely helps bring down the stress level. Thank you so much!”
Alameda County Medical Center
“When I opened my package, I cried. Thank you and thanks to everyone who is working with you.
Hospital work has been an exercise in telling myself I’m not scared, when I am actually terrified. I typically arrive to the hospital in a bandana mask because I have not been able to buy anything of higher quality. And then, when I arrive to work, I need to ask an administrator for a mask while being asked why I don’t have one from a previous shift, or that they don’t believe I would need one for my work today.
All this in an environment where people are having hours/wages/pay cut because we are supposedly not being profitable enough.
So thank you.
All the best and until later”